Happy New Year!

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Hi guys! It's been way too long since we've last chatted. So much has happened! Like, all of the holidays pretty much. Which in a way makes me happy that we've made it through because holidays can be super stressful. All of the planning, traveling, worrying about if my husband will like his gifts, but not really caring at the same time... And the EATING. Did a lot of that over here.

I'm not really one to make new years resolutions. Mainly because I never do them and then I just feel like a failure. But what I do like to do is try to pick things I want to be better at. Like participating in this blog for instance. And doing one thing to help our company grow every day. Which today is writing this blog post! Look at that.

We took a break from work between Christmas and New Years and had a lot of time to brainstorm new and exciting ideas for you guys. Our first new idea was launched on Monday with the arrival of our new line of sports bras. Every time I'm in the gym, I see the girls with super cute, strappy sports bras. So I decided we needed to get some of those. We're super excited about these little babies. Super cute, stylish and sexy with just the right amount of support and stretch. Loving them.

One other idea we're excited about is that we're going to start donating a portion of our profits to a cause or organization. We haven't decided which one yet with so many out there, but we have a few in mind. If you have an organization or know of one for a good cause that you think would be a good fit for us, we'd love to hear about it! Just shoot us an email at t2bapparel@gmail.com!


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