Staying on track on the weekends

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Happy Friday and Cinco de Mayo people! I am super excited for this weekend because I have absolutely NOTHING to do! Do you know how rare a weekend like that is? Great white buffalo rare. I am so psyched to hang out around the house, knock stuff off of my to-do list, and just chill. 

Weekends like this can sometimes lead to trouble though. Having no plans at all means having no meal plans either. Besides my usual breakfast that really doesn't change no matter what day it is, all of my other meals and snacks go kind of rogue. Instead of having lunch bag packed with healthy food for the day, I find myself grazing on whatever is in the house, and dinners are usually either take out or dining out.

Usually by the time Monday rolls around, I feel like I've completely undone all of the hard work I've put in throughout the week. And in retrospect, 2-3 days of eating whatever I feel like, does completely derail an otherwise healthy diet. You end up spending the whole week trying to get back to where you were Friday morning, compromising any new progress or gains you could have potentially made.

So I started thinking of ways to combat this problem recently, and really it's just a matter of a change in mindset. I started thinking of it this way: would I eat pizza on a Tuesday, go out to eat on Wednesday, and binge snack on chips and sweets on Thursday? HELL NO! The guilt would literally kill me dead. Honestly though, I would never do that because I truly make it a point to eat healthy during the week, cook healthy meals, plan healthy snacks and eat mindfully. I don't allow myself to eat like crap because I don't like how it makes me feel, nor do I like putting junk into my body.

So it's as simple as treating Friday-Sunday the same as the other four days of the week. If you don't let yourself over indulge during the work week, why treat the weekends any differently? If I'm dead against bailing on good nutrition principles two or three days of the work week, why don't the weekends count?? Think about it that way, and it's a whole new world.

Now I'm not saying be 100% on point 100% of the time. In fact I think it's healthy to indulge in moderation to keep yourself balanced and quite frankly, from going insane. But the keyword here is "moderation".

So this weekend, I plan on sticking to the big three as far as meals go, choosing the same healthy snacks as I would during the week, heading to the grocery store to cook healthy dinners rather than the nearest Pub 99 to pick up my take out order, and waking up Monday morning ready to CRUSH the new week!


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